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What is the difference between free email like Google® and paid email services?

A paid email service will provide a unique email address that is created just for you and is linked to your domain name. Your unique or "personal" email address will help build your brand, make it more memorable, and enhance your credibility.

Can you tell me how to get an email address?

It's easy. The first step is choosing your domain name. Once you've registered your name you can use it as your email address with either Layernext or Layernext Pro. After purchasing the email solution that's best for you, set up your emailboxes using your domain name.

Is a domain name included in the Layer Next package?

No, domain names are not included in the nsMail package. You may register one through Layer Next or use one you already have. But remember a domain name is required to activate and peronalize your emailboxes.

Do you have anything in place for remotely accessing email?

There's basic Webmail for access on any Internet connection. Plus, mobile webmail comes standard with Layernext so you can access and manage your mail from your Web-enabled cell phone or PDA. When remotely accessing email, basic functionality includes reading, search for and deleting emails, composing, sending and forwarding messages, as well as saving drafts. Add Mobile Email if you need access to your email, calendar and other collaboration tools on a mobile device.

Can I share calendars and other functions with co-workers?

If you want professional features like shared calendars, contacts, documents and tasks, choose Layer Next Pro. It offers the most comprehensive integrated communication solution to help improve the effectiveness of your business communication. And, it's available company wide and around the clock — no matter where employees are located.

I currently have Layer Next mail. How do I upgrade to Layer Next mail Pro?

Upgrading to Layer Next mail Pro is easy. Simply choose the account you wish to upgrade in Account Manager and we do the rest! Your email remains in place and your addresses, calendar and contacts will migrate automatically. You should be ready to start using your new email within minutes.

Note: If you purchased Layer Next mail prior to February 27, 2009 you will notice that Layer Next mail Pro uses a new interface that does not support Photo Album, Guest Access, Discussion Forums, Internet Bookmark Manager, Instant Messenger, File Storage or MessageGuard. If you currently use File Storage be sure to download your files before upgrading. If you currently use Photo Album, be sure to download your photo files before upgrading. If you currently use MessageGuard you can continue to send secure messages through your Outlook® interface.

Can I use Outlook® to view my email?

Yes. Use the POP3 feature to manage your email service with commonly-used email programs like Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook® Express, Eudora®, Netscape®, and others. Our LayerNext Mail service allows you to view, send and manage your email through Outlook® and other popular email clients. If you want to take advantage of a fully-functioning Outlook® experience, such as shared calendars, contacts and more, you should choose nsMail Pro.

What are email aliases?

As a small business owner you wear many hats. Email aliases help keep you organized by allowing you to set up different email addresses for special events or product lines, such as or The emails sent to the alias will be delivered to the email address that you designate, allowing you to manage your communication all in one place.

Can I assign any name I want to my emailboxes?

No, a few restrictions apply. Due to sometimes overuse of extremely common names the following emailbox names can not be assigned to Layer Next Mail emailboxes: anyone, administrator, admin, nobody, user, postmaster, anonymous.